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The dread of dreads. Unless you are particularly well-disciplined or enjoy working out, exercise seems to be one of those things that everyone is always trying to cram into some corner of their day. Either by having to get up extra early, or stay up extra late, or having dinner at a weird time, or giving up your lunch hour – sometimes exercise is tough to feel motivated to fit into our busy schedules.

If you enjoy exercise or have no problem fitting it into your day, the rest of the world is happy for you – mostly… As for the rest of the world, don’t feel so down about it! Slumps and setbacks happen to everyone, and they are not something to throw in the towel about. In fact, it would be ideal if you could take that one step backward to give you more drive to take two steps forward. However, for some reason, most of us just don’t think that way. Why? Maybe simply because exercise is just plain hard work. Even people who enjoy exercising and spend more than an hour a day doing it will tell you it’s not exactly easy. And, a lot of it is momentum. Once you’re in the habit of exercising and you can see with your own two eyes that it’s making a difference, it is easier to continue doing it – just like Newton’s law states, “An object (or, in this case, body) at rest tends to stay at rest, while an object in motion tends to stay in motion.”

You’re probably sitting there thinking, “Isn’t that the truth…” Well, take a deep breath of air (the fresher the better) and listen up! We completely understand this quandary… Seriously. If you haven’t worked out in ages, or never at all, maybe you don’t want to work out at the gym right away. Or, maybe you just don’t like the gym in general – some people don’t like to sweat in public. Well, we are keeping you all in mind as we hunt down exercising tips and articles to feature in this exercise section of our site.

We also know that if you have much exposure to media, there is a constant barrage of NEW: new equipment, new exercises, new diet or weight loss pills or programs, and a wide variety of other doodads and gadgets that someone is always trying to sell you – something they swear will do the trick. With this heavy on our minds, we are going out of our way to try and find exercise equipment that we or someone we know has used and get real, honest reviews on this stuff – not just word of mouth from some paid professional who probably works out about 20 hours a week.

And, we are constantly perusing the web and keep our eyes and ears open for more things (be it equipment, tips, or routines) to include on our site – whether to encourage people towards it or wave them away. If you have personal experience with any particular machine or device – or something else that you’d like to comment on or see featured on our site, please let us know! We love having feedback and hearing what you, the viewers – the people who really use this stuff – have to say. So, please, make yourself at home!