Get Exercising!

Get Exercising!


Get yourself motivated! You want to exercise. You want to burn fat. You want to lose weight. You want to gain health. You want to fit in those jeans. You want to be happy. All of these are interconnected. First thing’s first – you need a proper outlook on exercise and applicable reasons and motives to exercise. So, come with us, and get exercising!

Get Yourself Motivated!

Exercise. It is a word that evokes emotion – a word many people loathe. Although some people enjoy working out, many of the people who claim they like to exercise only do because they actually like their results – not the work itself.

The truth is, exercise routines take discipline. They are hard to get moving and often easy to break. It often requires motivation of some kind to keep someone committed to a regular exercise routine. Not because there is a lack of variety in the options of how to work out, but because it is simply tough.

People in general have trouble biting the bullet and being disciplined. It’s just not in the nature of most of us. We each have a list a mile long of why we don’t want to or can’t exercise. Many of the excuses can be quite legitimate, but the fact remains that it’s something that’s important for us to do. With our busy schedules, time is a huge factor for many people. Others don’t want to feel tired afterwards or hate the sweaty feeling you have during workouts.Joe likes ESPN - even golf!

The benefits, however, often outweigh all the downsides we can come up with to avoid exercising. For example, not enough time in your day? Take a look at what you are doing. Evaluate it. Is there something you could swap out for exercise – like watching television? What about feeling tired? That’s temporary! The energy and health boosts you get from exercising will soon take over! But what about that sweatiness? When you get to the point of sweat, “the burn,” and other exercising unpleasantries, just focus on what they mean – you are burning fat and building strength. There’s not really any other way to “foof up” that stuff!

For example, if Joe (who is particularly fond of Guitar Hero and watching ESPN) wants to add some muscle or drop some fat, he’s going to have to be willing to get himself out of the rut he’s in both mentally and physically if he wants to make a difference in his health and physique. How or why might he do this?

We asked Paige Waehner, Certified Personal Trainer and Exercise Guide at what she felt the top ten reasons people exercise are. Here’s what she told us:

#1 Weight ManagementWeight Management
Probably one of the most common reasons people exercise is either to lose weight or maintain a certain weight. Exercise is a relatively easy way to burn calories, something that’s especially important to people who are maintaining their weight loss. Successful weight losers weigh themselves regularly and, if they see the weight creep up, they’ll often use their workouts to get back on track and keep their weight in check.

#2 EnergyEnergy
People who exercise know how a workout can boost their energy for the entire day. While some people think they’re too busy to exercise and that a workout might take time away from more important things, exercisers know that taking time for a workout can actually help them get more done. You feel more energetic, you’re better able to concentrate and you’re more productive.

#3 To Feel GoodTo Feel Good
Most of us spend a lot of time sitting throughout the day and that can leave us with chronic aches, pains and stress. Exercise is the best way to combat that, leaving you feeling both refreshed and energized. It’s a great way to combat the effects of sitting too much.

#4 Improve HealthImprove Health
If you want to lower your cholesterol or blood pressure or protect yourself from heart disease and diabetes, exercise is the best choice. Many exercisers are faced with these kinds of challenges and the prospect of having to take medication with questionable side effects. Many of them choose exercise as one tool in the hopes of avoiding that and they often find these other benefits once they get started.

#5 Healthy LifestyleHealthy Lifestyle
Obesity is a huge problem in the United States and we know that our eating habits and lifestyle choices contribute to that. Exercise is just one way to create a healthy lifestyle and, often, when people start exercising, that opens the door for the other healthy choices. For example, a person who works out in the morning is much more likely to eat healthy after that, to keep the momentum going and to keep his or her body feeling good. Exercise is almost like a ‘gateway drug’ for better choices.

#6 Doctor's OrdersDoctor’s Orders
Some people exercise simply because their doctor recommended it. Doctors are a huge influence on what we do and often people aren’t motivated until they’re told by an expert that they need to exercise for their health, weight, and other issues.

#7 Habit or RoutineHabit or Routine
For a lot of us, motivation comes from the simple act of doing it on a regular basis. When it’s part of your routine, it’s easier to do it – just like a shower, brushing our teeth, and getting ready for work. When you workout at the same time every day, that becomes a habit that can help you power through those times when you want to skip your workout.

#8 SportsSports
Plenty of exercisers work out to prepare for things like marathons, half-marathons, triathlons, and more. Having a specific goal and other people to compete against is motivating both for professional athletes and average exercisers.

#9 Mental HealthMental Health
There’s no question that exercise offers a huge mental boost, something that can be especially motivating for people who struggle with stress, depression, and/or anxiety. It only takes about 5 minutes of exercise to boost your mood and it can also help you work off tension caused by anxiety or stress. It also helps to feel like you’re doing something positive for yourself, boosting your confidence and self-esteem.

#10 FunFun
Fun isn’t usually a word we use with exercise, but when you find an activity you enjoy, exercise can be fun. We spend so much of our time using our minds, it can feel good to move your body once in a while.

There you have it, ten reasons that perhaps you might work out. Or, maybe you have a propellant that is not on this list. Having a reason to begin exercising might be just what you need. It might even carry on and be an adequate supply of fuel to keep you burning. However, maybe you’re a person who, even though you have a great reason to exercise needs some extra motivation to help you keep moving.

So, what can motivate Joe enough to keep him off the couch? What can motivate you? What can encourage you to stay on track and push yourself when you don’t feel like even a date with your favorite celebrity could do the trick (or, in Joe’s case, the girl down the street who plays Rock Band)? Again, Waehner has some advice just for you:

#1 Set Reachable Goals and Track Them RegularlySet Reachable Goals and Track Them Regularly
Whether you choose to do a certain number of workouts a week or train for an event, having a specific goal that you can track and actually see your progress can keep you motivated. Weight loss goals are great, but the scale won’t always reflect your hard work in the timeframe you’d like, which can be frustrating. Focusing on tangible results can keep you going.

#2 Reward YourselfReward Yourself
It’s amazing how a reward can keep you motivated – a massage, new workout clothes, new music or a night out are just a few ways to celebrate all your success, even the smallest ones.

#3 Do What You Enjoy and Don't Be Afraid to Change Things UpDo What You Enjoy and Don’t Be Afraid to Change Things Up
People often do activities they think they should, rather than what they truly enjoy. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different activities to find things you like – or at least ones you don’t hate! The more you enjoy something, the more likely you are to do it day after day.

#4 Enlist a Buddy or Support SystemEnlist a Buddy or Support System
If you can work out with someone else, that’s a great way to stay motivated. Someone else is counting on you, which can be just the nudge you need when times get tough. You can also tell your friends and family what you’re doing and have them check in with you to see if you’re doing your workouts.

#5 Hire a Personal TrainerHire a Personal Trainer
Another great option is a trainer. Having a standing appointment (and one that you pay for) can keep you on track. It’s very motivating knowing that someone is holding you accountable and you get the added benefit of having an expert create workouts that meet your specific needs.

Overall, yes, exercise can be tough, but once you’ve gotten your feet wet (maybe literally if you’re getting into swimming) it’ll get easier to stay committed to your workout! Give yourself time to see results and meet goals. Maybe you want to improve your health to be around for your kids or to help yourself have more energy without needing as much caffeine.

No matter what, be realistic! There is no point in making it impossible for you to succeed at your exercising, so be sure to set reasonable goals you can obtain in a short time frame. Setting goals too far away or too extravagant can be setting yourself up for disappointment and failure before you even get started. Plus, setting these smaller goals in the beginning will encourage you to set bigger ones later on!

So, what are you waiting for? Why are you still reading this article? Get your game on! Pick something right now and do it. Jump rope. Rearrange the furniture. Have fun! Joe’s planning on playing basketball with a buddy, but avoiding tennis with his mom (because he dislikes tennis, not his mom). If Joe can do it, so can you!

Why do you exercise? What works as motivation for you? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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